A seismic shift in setting diamond solitaire jewelry. A new phase of timeless elegance that lets you fall in love with your diamond in a way that was never possible, until now. 

Nothing comes close.

"Remarkable for more than one reason."

"A Diamond With Revolutionary Setting"

The biggest innovation in setting diamond solitaire jewelry since 1886

There hasn't been a major innovation in setting diamond solitaire jewelry since the standard six claw setting was invented in 1886. Since then, jewelers around the world have been asked the same question; Can you make this without the claws? 

Of course, under traditional jewelry manufacturing processes, this was never possible... Until now. 


The Floeting Diamond setting is proven to be over 20% stronger than traditional diamond settings. 

A design as pure and clean as this leaves no room for imperfection. Which is why The Floeting Diamond has been engineered right down to a micron-level. 


The Floeting Diamond has achieved the coveted American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) Triple Zero Ideal diamond grade. 

The highest and most coveted cut grade a diamond can receive is AGSL Ideal, which is the brand standard for The Floeting Diamond.


Floeting Diamonds are sourced from one of the world’s largest, Responsible Jewellery Council certified, diamond cutting facilities. They have the technology to track the diamonds from mine to finger and ensure the diamonds we use are ethically sourced.  

The Edge of Innovation

The first country to see the sun each day, New Zealand fosters a culture of innovation. The Floeting Diamond was born out of a nation not bound by tradition which has enabled innovators to create world championship racing cars, radical winning America’s Cup boats, new generation rockets and renowned film and special effects studios.

“Being located on the edge of the world gives us a unique view of it, coupled with a vibrant and diverse culture of creativity, storytelling, and craft.” 

-Ian Douglas, Inventor