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Floeting® Diamond Wins a Silver Pin at The Best Awards 2022 for Value of Design

We're delighted to share that The Floeting® Diamond has received a Silver Pin for the Value of Design category at Best Awards 2022.

It has always been our goal to step back from the traditional mindset and deliver the best value and impact through innovative and good design for our clients.

Floeting® Diamond Wins 2022 Red Dot Award for Outstanding Product Design

The sparkling diamond called Floeting® from VG Jewelers continues to gain accolades for its revolutionary design by winning a prestigious 2022 Red Dot Design Award for Product Design in Essen, Germany.

Floeting® Diamond is announced Finalist of the NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2022

The Floeting® Diamond's revolutionary setting design is featured as a finalist in the NZ Hi-Tech Awards 'Most Innovative Hi-Tech Hardware Product' category for 2022.

We're proud to be involved in New Zealand's innovative technology community. It is rewarding to know our years of researching new methods of science and technology to invent The Floeting® Diamond has been recognised in the tech space.

Forbes: Floeting Rings Bring Out The Glare In A Diamond With Revolutionary Setting Technique

A New Zealand jeweler has invented a way to put more sparkle in an engagement ring. The Floeting diamond setting is a new alternative to the classic prong setting, known for teasing out the maximum light return in a diamond.

Jeweller Magazine: Jeweller has major breakthrough with ‘floating diamond’ invention

What was previously thought to be an impossible feat for traditional jewellery design and manufacturing has become a reality for The Village Goldsmith founder Ian Douglas, who announced the launch of the Floeting Diamond.

Idex: The Impossible New Diamond Setting

There have been so-called floating diamonds in the past. They never truly floated.  But this patented invention from New Zealand - Floeting Diamonds - does what no setting has ever managed before.

Centurion: No-Prong/No-Setting Look From New Laser-Cut Setting At Floeting

A diamond that floats cleanly above its setting without claws, clasps, or enveloping metal has been revealed by master jeweler Ian Douglas. Called ‘The Floeting® Diamond,’ it may be the first significant innovation in diamond solitaire ring design since the six-prong setting was designed in 1886 and which has been the design standard for 135 years.

Newstalk ZB: Kiwi jeweller makes major leap in technique of diamond setting

It’s thought to be the first major development in the field since 1886. Kiwi jeweller and founder of The Village Goldsmith Ian Douglas has been trying to figure out how to set diamonds without needing metal claws to hold them in the first place.

RNZ: Wellington jeweller's technology for setting diamonds stronger than traditional techniques

A Wellington-based jeweller has come up with a laser sharp way to set diamonds off in their best light. Callaghan Innovation's independent testing has confirmed The Village Goldsmith's Floeting Diamond technology is 20 percent stronger than traditional claw settings, which have been used in diamond settings for well over 100 years.

Stuff: Village Goldsmith invents 'floating' diamond, eyes a glittering prize

The 20-year path to the launch of the Floeting​ Diamond was littered with exploded and ruined diamonds, delays and disappointments, and fears of being scooped by rivals. But finally The Village Goldsmith founder Ian Douglas​ can tell clients they can have a diamond ring unimpeded by metal clasps.

Jewellery Business: Canadian diamond-cutter crafts new solitaire setting

Master diamond-cutter Mike Botha has partnered with master jeweller Ian Douglas of New Zealand to develop ‘The Floeting Diamond,’ a new setting for solitaire ring design.

CTV News: Sask. diamond cutter hopes to shake up jewelry world with 'impossible' new solitaire setting

A Saskatchewan-based diamond cutter has helped invent a new setting for solitaire diamonds that’s hitting markets around the world.

It took Botha over 12-hours working by hand to cut the micro-grooves in the "Floeting Diamond" prototype.