The Floeting Diamond team is proud to be exhibiting The Floeting Diamond studs and pendant at this years JCK Las Vegas. We will be located in Bridal booth #10069 and we welcome any attendees to come by and see the Floeting Diamond in person. For expressions of interest, please get in touch through the link below.

There hasn't been a major innovation in setting solitaire diamond jewelry since the standard six claw setting was invented in 1886. Since then, jewelers around the world have been asked the same question; Can you make this without the claws? Of course, under traditional jewelry manufacturing processes, this was never possible... Until now. 

The Floeting Diamond is a revolutionary way to set solitaire diamond jewelry without any claws, clasps or overarching metal disrupting the face up view of the diamond. The Floeting Diamond technology allows the diamond to visually float above the jewelry while also securing it in a setting that is over 20% stronger than traditional settings and maximising its light return. Continue reading to learn more.

Strength and Durability

Strength Testing

One of the world’s premier science and engineering institutes, Callaghan Innovation, has conducted extensive independent testing to confirm the superior strength of The Floeting Diamond setting. In a side load test undertaken at a 50° angle, The Floeting Diamond was proven to be over 20% stronger than a traditional setting. 

The traditional setting also showed very early signs of deformation damage. In a side load stress test undertaken at a 90° angle, the traditional setting showed signs of extreme deformation at 77N. In comparison, The Floeting Diamond was completely unaffected at 77N and did not show any signs of deformation until after the point that the diamond came out of the traditional claw setting. 

Specialist Titanium and Precious Metals

After extensive research and rigorous testing, The Floeting Diamond setting has been successfully developed using a specialist space-age titanium alloy. Purpose built in one of the world's most highly specialized micro engineering facilities which develops a range of technical equipment from surgical-grade heart stents to aerospace components. As a standard, the facility maintains a certified Quality Management System, ISO9001:2015, the highest criteria level. 

Titanium offers seven times the strength of platinum, which is the strongest of traditional precious metals, with only one third of the weight. Our testing confirmed that titanium Floeting Diamond settings have a 20x greater tolerance for impact and 10x more wear durability than traditional precious metal settings.  

The specialist titanium Floeting Diamond settings have been beautifully paired with precious metals including 18k gold and platinum. The combination allows the wearer to appreciate the diamond’s bright white reflections, while retaining the opportunity to choose their preferred precious metal. All with absolute confidence in the security of the diamond. 

Drop and Wearability Test Results

In-house strength testing comparing a traditional claw setting and The Floeting Diamond setting against standard IEC 60068-2-31:2008 showed ground-breaking results. This standard mimics the scenario of a ring dropping repeatedly onto a hard surface from over three-foot high. The testing reinforced Callaghan Innovation’s results of The Floeting Diamond’s superiority in comparison to traditional precious metal diamond jewelry settings. In the traditional precious metal claw setting, the diamond came loose after only 298 drops. The Floeting Diamond, however, remained secure in its setting after several thousand drops. 

Additional testing of titanium diamond settings in comparison to traditional precious metal diamond settings confirmed that titanium settings have a 20x greater tolerance for impact, and 10x more wear durability than traditional precious metal settings. 

A diamond setting that is 20% stronger than traditional settings

Watch this short video to learn more.

Ethically Sourced

Our Values 

We believe that true innovation is created when you are willing to go beyond the point that others may deem ‘too hard’. We’ve learnt through experience that with perseverance, passion, and creativity, that what was once thought to be impossible becomes possible. The Floeting Diamond story beautifully represents our values as designers and craftspeople. Like most jewelers, our aim is to create beautiful jewelry to be admired, however this is not where the design and creation stops, not for us. We respect tradition but are not bound to it. We look for creative opportunities and are forever curious. 

These key values are what first drew us towards breaking the boundaries of traditional jewelry design and diamond setting. We refuse to be confined by what is typical within the jewelry industry and instead are forever looking to push the limits and discover what is truly possible.

About the Inventor 

Ian Douglas has heard customers around the world constantly ask; “can you set the diamond without showing the clasps?” Of course, under traditional manufacturing process, that’s not possible. But with Ian never taking no for an answer and being beyond curious about how far he can push the boundaries of jewelry design, there is now a way to do exactly that.   

Ian Douglas has been in the jewelry industry for almost 50 years, beginning his career as a New Zealand Jewellery Apprentice of the Year to then becoming many New Zealander's family jeweler, through the business he started with his wife Christine Douglas and then later joined by Chris Benham. The creative team has won or been a finalist in over 20 national and international design awards.  Ian is a former EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and Chris Benham is a former winner of the Jewellery World Awards (previously JNA) Award for Young Leader of the Year from London Stock Exchange Listed UBM Asia.

After an extensive journey, this team, along with many other passionate experts along the way, brought The Floeting Diamond dream to life. 

Diamond Sourcing Practices  

There is nothing on earth more radiant than the simplicity and elegance of a perfectly cut diamond. That is why we’ve worked so hard to showcase a diamond in all its beauty. It is also the reason we’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading diamond cutting facilities, accredited by the Responsible Jewellery Council, who cut 5% of all polished diamonds globally. They ensure every diamond is ethically sourced and even have the ability to track a diamond throughout the entire process: from mine to finger.  

"I imagined a hand, naked except for a loose diamond floating upon it. The challenge then was how to connect the two, throw the conventional away and begin to dream of artful simplicity that forms a connection between the diamond and the hand. The Floeting Diamond was born. 

I hope you love it as much as I do." 

-Ian Douglas, Inventor of The Floeting Diamond 

Diamond Cutting Mastery

Patented Cut

Ian Douglas’ collaboration with one of the world’s leading master diamond cutters, Mike Botha (creator of Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond® and the Esperanza Diamond) allowed us to invent a diamond shape like nothing the world has ever seen before. Using absolute mastery and precision, the Grandfather of Canadian Diamonds fashioned a diamond shape which in no way impedes light return or beauty, and allows the diamond to be secured in a setting free of claws or clasps. This innovative diamond design is now patented and trademarked as The Floeting® Diamond.

Maximum Light Return

The patented Floeting Diamond cut not only enables the diamond to be showcased in all its glory, but in fact maximises the diamond’s light return, creating unmatched scintillation and sparkle. Normally, altering the cut profile of a diamond is likely to compromise the light return, scintillation, and sparkle of the diamond, as well as potentially creating an appearance of inclusions. Based on this, we dedicated more than a decade to fashioning a new cut of diamond that doesn’t compromise the light return or beauty of the diamond in any way.  

The quality of the cut effects how each individual diamond is graded, hence if any light return is compromised or perceptions of inclusions are created as a result of the cut, this would have a negative effect on the final grading. The Floeting Diamond cut has achieved the coveted American Gem Society Laboratories Triple Zero Ideal grade, the highest possible grading a diamond can achieve. 

Certified Diamond Quality and Craftsmanship 

All Floeting Diamond’s larger than 0.50cts are supplied with independent American Gem Society Laboratories certification and have a unique number identification laser engraved on the girdle of the diamond. The Floeting Diamond purchase also includes a certificate of craftsmanship, which authenticates the high standard and quality of the piece. An American Gem Society Laboratories Ideal Cut is a diamond where all the diamond’s Cut quality factors (light performance, proportions, polish and symmetry) exist at the highest possible levels, making the maximum contribution to the diamond’s beauty and value. The cut of a diamond is most closely associated with its beauty, determining a diamond's brilliance, fire and sparkle. The Floeting Diamond cut has achieved the coveted American Gem Society Laboratories Ideal grade, the highest possible grading a diamond can achieve. 

A word from the American Gem Society Laboratories

Watch the short video to hear from AGSL's Jason Quick

Showing at this years JCK Las Vegas, located in Bridal booth 10069