The Floeting® Diamond Ring with Diamond Set Band

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The Floeting® Diamond Ring with Diamond Band

Nothing compares to the elegance and purity of a brilliant cut diamond and the patented Floeting® Diamond showcases that beauty in its entirety. No claws or clasps, no overarching metal, The Floeting® Diamond Solitaire Ring with a diamond set band puts nothing between the eye of the admirer and the diamond itself. It’s as if the diamond is floating weightless upon your finger above a bed of small diamonds set delicately down the band. The diamond set band creates an additional touch of sparkle and elegance for those who love a little bit extra. Finally, a diamond setting that creates a true floating diamond ring.  

Appreciate a diamond in all of its glory with The Floeting Diamond Solitaire Ring with diamond set platinum band, with the diamond secured in a scientifically tested setting made using a specialist titanium alloy. This ring is made to order with a centre diamond of 0.3ct, 0.5ct, 0.7ct or 1.0ct and features 20 round brilliant cut diamonds delicately set down the band. For centre diamond sizes above 1.0ct please enquire and we can work with you to find the perfect diamond specially chosen and custom cut just for you.  

If you’re ready to celebrate the next chapter with your partner, this diamond setting creates pure timeless elegance in the first truly floating diamond engagement ring. Or if you're looking for a gift for a loved one or a special purchase for yourself, this is also perfect as a floating diamond right-hand ring. 

20% Stronger

The Floeting Diamond setting is proven to be over 20% stronger than traditional diamond settings. A design as pure and clean as this leaves no room for imperfection. Which is why The Floeting Diamond has been engineered right down to a micron-level. 

Certified by American Gem Society Laboratories

The Floeting Diamond has achieved the coveted American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) Triple Zero Ideal diamond grade. The highest and most coveted cut grade a diamond can receive is AGSL Ideal, which is the brand standard for The Floeting Diamond.

Ethically Sourced

Floeting Diamonds are sourced from one of the world’s largest, Responsible Jewellery Council certified, diamond cutting facilities. They have the technology to track the diamonds from mine to finger and ensure the diamonds we use are ethically sourced. 

A seismic shift in setting diamond jewelry. A new phase of timeless elegance that lets you fall in love with your diamond in a way that was never possible, until now.

"I imagined a hand, naked except for a loose diamond floating upon it. The challenge then was how to connect the two, throw away the conventional and begin to dream of artful simplicity that formed a connection between the diamond and the hand. The Floeting Diamond was born."

-Ian Douglas, The Floeting Diamond Inventor